InforMedix applies its in-depth knowledge and experience within the healthcare industry to successfully serve the complex market information needs of medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Our team collaborates with marketing, sales, and product development managers, to design a custom market research study focused on their unique needs and goals. InforMedix provides results that directly answer the questions that will influence product development and marketing strategies which, in turn, will drive business growth.

Analysis & Insights

InforMedix analyzes and reports medical market intelligence to provide the insights you need to make meaningful decisions on product development and marketing strategies. Learn more …


We investigate innovations and ideas directly with physicians and other healthcare professionals using the best research methodology for your project. Learn more …

Consulting & Collaboration

InforMedix approaches each project with a collaborative spirit. We take pride in our ability to listen, identify and define the complex needs of each decision maker. Learn more…

Areas of Expertise

• Next Generation Product Priorities
• Concept and Prototype Evaluation
• Pricing and Value Analysis
• Evaluating Potential in New Markets
• Clinical Evaluation of Acquisitions
• Cost Reduction, Product Repositioning

Working with Leaders in the Medical Industry

InforMedix works with some of the leading players in the healthcare and medical industry. We are most appreciated for well-executed research and vital insights and recommendations to inform medical product development and marketing strategies.

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