Collaborating with Healthcare Companies for Over 20 Years

InforMedix is committed to being the preeminent resource for market information for developers, manufacturers and providers of products and services within multiple healthcare sectors—specifically medical device, biotech and pharmaceutical.

InforMedix provides customized technical investigations of product preferences, purchase decision-making, and market segment evaluations for the global healthcare industry. Our team serves clients from industry leaders in the Fortune 100 to start-up entrepreneurs, both in the U.S. and abroad.

Clients value InforMedix’s ability to utilize innovative combinations of a variety of research techniques, to address specific information needs within each study.

Steven Fuller

President and Founder

Steven Fuller created InforMedix Marketing Research more than 20 years ago, to serve the specialized and complex market information needs of manufacturers of high-level healthcare technology.

With a special focus on medical qualitative research, Steven has conducted thousands of interviews and group discussions with physicians, nurses, administrators, payers, technologists, technicians, healthcare IT professionals, and many other healthcare professionals. His ability to engage medical specialists in informative discussions using proper technical terminology and appropriate clinical vocabulary provides InforMedix clients the confidence to retain his services repeatedly.

Prior to starting InforMedix, Steven served in marketing, market research, and strategic planning roles at two divisions (diagnostic imaging, laboratory diagnostics) of Johnson & Johnson, and as Executive Vice President of Medical Products Marketing Services, Inc. before founding InforMedix in 1991.

Steven holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Chicago, with concentrations in marketing and finance and a BS in Mathematics (Michigan State University), and worked in electrical and mechanical engineering.

Julie Howe

Julie Howe

Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Julie Howe joined InforMedix in 2017 after serving as a consultant for the company.

Julie brings more than 20 years of communications, marketing and account management experience to InforMedix. Her professionalism and collaborative spirit offer InforMedix clients a trusted advisor for each project. Julie is focused on building strong relationships with our individual clients and personally follows each project from inception to final report.

Prior to joining the firm, Julie served in several communications positions working with clients in a variety of industries, including leaders in IT, healthcare, telecommunications and non-profits while consistently providing stellar customer service.

Julie holds a B.A. in English from the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

Recruiting Specialists

InforMedix’s dedicated internal team of highly specialized healthcare recruiters and schedulers are continually researching the U.S. for the “best” respondents for the individual investigations. They apply their experience from each project to hone their skills of finding the appropriate interview candidates for each custom assignment. Their ability to understand the client goals for the project in addition to the technical aspects of the discussion guide is critical to the success of each study.