Techniques & Methodologies

Since its inception, InforMedix has been dedicated to providing our clients with the information and insights they need to drive their business growth. Our experience in custom technical healthcare studies allows us to guide the research methodologies to fit the unique objectives for each project.


Qualitative - focus group

Focus groups can provide valuable information regarding the decision-making process of various healthcare professionals. InforMedix understands the importance of gathering the right mix of participants and leading them in a meaningful and insightful discussion of a new concept or marketing strategy. Steve Fuller has been moderating successful focus groups for more than 20 years and brings his expertise to this qualitative method.

Qualitative research: One on one interviews

InforMedix interviewers rise to the challenge of discussing technical aspects of a new product or procedure to pricing structures at a hospital with high level healthcare professionals. An In-Depth Interview (IDI) can be conducted in a research facility, a conference room, the respondent’s work place or over the telephone or web. Each project’s objectives are considered carefully as we strategize on the type of methodology that will best support the information needed.


Quantitative - surveys

Often, a client needs reliable data to support a marketing decision and in these instances a survey fits the needs most efficiently and economically. InforMedix has extensive experience with and knowledge of the different techniques best utilized for gathering data.