Two Focus Groups on a Short Timeline

Two Focus Groups on a Short Timeline

Why can’t we do a couple of good focus groups with doctors and get the answers we need?

Two focus groups with nurses will answer this question and we can move ahead!

“If we could just run some customer focus groups quickly, and believe in the results, we wouldn’t have to argue about this!

Do these statements sound familiar? Go ahead – tell us what you need to learn, and we will set up, conduct, and report on two focus groups. It’s faster and easier than you may think.

InforMedix Marketing Research has conducted focus groups with physicians, nurses, technologists, pharmacists, and most other categories of healthcare personnel for more than 20 years.

We’ll put that experience to work for you, and keep the timeline short and the credibility high.

We can work fast, if you tell us:

  • what kind of product or service you are working on
  • what you need to learn to meet your marketing or product development goals
  • who you need to hear from – physician in particular specialties, nurses with unique skills, users of a medical technique or therapy – you name it.

Get the process started by downloading the “Two Focus Groups” questions and sending your answers to us, or filling out an online form which shows you the “Two Focus Groups” questions in a survey format.

Open a PDF with the “Two Focus Groups” questions

Answer the “Two Focus Groups” questions in an online survey →

We’ll get back to you with a project plan, and get your results to you on a short timeline.