InforMedix Medical Market Research Services

Custom research projects are designed in consultation with marketing, sales, and product development managers, to provide results that directly answer the questions that will influence product development and marketing strategies.

Typical investigations address client questions in:

  • new product design
  • competitive share assessment
  • cost reduction, product repositioning
  • pricing and value analysis
  • measuring and improving customer satisfaction

Methods used depend on the questions to be asked. Projects may include…

  • in-depth one-on-one interviews
  • focus groups (in person or by telephone)
  • telephone, mail or web-based surveys
  • medical convention work
  • expert panels, full-day customer sessions
  • usage testing in clinical settings

We make it a priority to stay closely in touch with clients, to be sure that results respond to all internal marketing issues, and are delivered completely, accurately, and on time.

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