Physician Interviews and Focus Groups

Physician Interviews and Focus Groups

Investigating technical medical issues with physicians and other healthcare professionals is a key strength at InforMedix. Steven Fuller, President of InforMedix, organizes and moderates interviews and groups to study surgical procedures, new medical devices and equipment, and complex services on a regular basis. Clients benefit from careful attention to information needs around their particular technology, and projects may feature:

Project Development

  • start-up meetings with market researchers, engineers, sales/marketing management, and clinicians
  • pilot interviews, clinical site visits, review of literature


  • live monitoring of telephone interviews
  • debriefing between interviews and groups, refining and streamlining discussion questions
  • web-enabled presentation of visuals, diagrams, product and procedure descriptions during telephone interviews


  • immediate delivery of online audio recordings
  • 2-day transcripts
  • thorough reporting on findings with quotations from respondents illustrating key points
  • in-person or web-enabled conferences to present results