NV2 Ten Interviews with Clinicians and Buyers

New Ventures Product Evaluations for Startups, Inventors, and Investors

Option #2:
Ten Interviews with Clinicians and Buyers

Interviews are better than surveys if …

  • you want your future customers to think about using your product in different scenarios,
  • they need to prioritize product design changes and explain why, or
  • you need to let them ask questions so they really understand your proposal.

Here’s how New Ventures “Ten Interviews” works:

  1. Answer our seven questions. Your answers will give us the information we need to create a simple but effective market research plan.
  2. Answer the New Ventures questions online
    Download New Ventures questions

  3. Submit or send your completed form back to us at NewVentures@InforMedixMR.com.
  4. We will prepare a research project plan and a draft questionnaire.
  5. We will discuss our plan and any outstanding issues with you by email.
  6. On receipt of your payment, we will begin data collection and reporting. We will contact 10 individuals who can help us answer your questions about your product or service.
  7. Our research investigation will take about two weeks; within three weeks after we begin, we will send you a three-to-five page report on our findings.

Email InforMedix to let us know you’re interested, and we’ll get back to you quickly. If you are going to share confidential information, let’s sign an NDA first!

If you really need a future customers to come up with new ideas or new applications, or you’d like to listen to the realistic back-and-forth that goes with medical product evaluation and selection, you should consider the InforMedix New Ventures “Two Focus Groups” approach.

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