NV1 A Fast Web Survey

New Ventures Product Evaluations for Startups, Inventors, and Investors

Option #1:
A Fast Web Survey of Clinicians and Buyers

Surveys are great if you have questions with short answers, like yes/no, procedure and patient counts, and the like.

Do you have a short list of questions you’d like to have answered by clinicians, buyers, or other decision-makers?

If not, give InforMedix a call, and we’ll write them down and put them online.

You’ll probably have to give us a description or diagram of your product or concept, too.  (Let’s sign an NDA first!)

The web survey approach is good for questions like these…

  1. How many times in a month would you be likely to use this [product/service/etc.]?
  2. How would you rate the value of this product/etc. on a 0 to 10 scale?
  3. Please write 1 reason why you gave that rating.
  4. What’s the main thing you would want changed to make this more valuable to you?
  5. What kinds of [doctors/nurses/techs/etc.] would find this the most valuable?
  6. If a sales rep showed you this, how much would you expect it to cost?
  7. … and so on….

If you really need future customers to think though your design, its applications, and make lengthy suggestions for design, you should consider the InforMedix New Ventures “Ten short interviews” approach.

Click here to send us your draft survey questions, and we’ll get back to you quickly.

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