NV0 New Ventures Market Research for Startups

Product Concept Evaluations for Startups, Inventors, and Investors

  • Is it time to get some feedback on your invention from a sampling of your future customers?
  • Do you need to take the pulse of the market, to focus the specs on your product’s next iteration?
  • Are you evaluating an investment in medical technology – and need to know what the clinicians think?

InforMedix offers three simple ways to check out your concept / design with potential users. (We can help you decide which is best for you.)

  1. A short web survey. Give us 5-10 questions, we’ll give you 20 answers.
  2. Ten short interviews with users, buyers, or other decision-makers.
  3. Two focus groups on a short timeline.

InforMedix designed New Ventures Concept Evaluations as a simple and inexpensive way to get unbiased, professionally-controlled market information.

  • We have conducted quality custom market research investigations for the healthcare industries since 1991.
  • Clients include some of the largest medical manufacturers in the world, as well as midsize and small companies, and individual entrepreneurs.
  • With a short set-up time and low data collection and reporting costs, we can provide reliable market research to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and other ventures which have a limited market research budget.
  • Fees for this service are at a fixed level per investigation, prepaid.