Medical Market Research Outside the U.S.

Medical Market Research Outside the U.S.

InforMedix has conducted qualitative (and quantitative) studies in the US for many years, gathering opinions and data from healthcare professionals in a wide variety of specialties and positions. During the past 10 years, InforMedix has handled market research with increasing frequency in:

  • UK
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • France
  • Spain
  • Belgium
  • Norway

This experience and key learnings gained are summarized in two articles available on the InforMedix website. (See Articles on Medical Market Research)

InforMedix recently set up, managed, and reported on a series of in-depth interviews spanning five Asian and Latin American countries. You will find a short summary of the market research experience – with some useful tips – on the following pages.

Working in Asia and Latin America added to InforMedix’s global network of researchers and knowledge of research techniques worldwide. Many medical device companies include these countries among their most important developing markets and may find the experience of InforMedix (and its President, Steven Fuller) valuable as they plan market research for 2018 and beyond.

For all medical market research outside the US, it is useful to note some of the basic guidelines which will help make these investigations go more smoothly and economically. Here is an outline of guidelines for those considering medical device market research outside the US: Planning Qualitative Research Outside the US