Table of Contents: Customer ViewPoint

  1. Market Overview
    1. Features of the National Healthcare Market
    2. Features of the Medical Devices Marketplace
    3. Trends, 3-5 years


  2. Healthcare Facilities
    1. Major Urban markets, Outlying markets
    2. Public Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Major Academic Centers
    3. Other Care and Treatment Facilities


  3. Customer Point of View: Distributors
    1. In-Country distributors
    2. Foreign entrants
    3. What do buyers say about the performance of each distributor?
    4. What do clinicians say about how they are supported by these distributors?


  4. Customer Point of View: Manufacturers
    1. Customer awareness for manufacturers active in-country
    2. Frequency and relevance of contact from manufacturers
    3. Customer assessment of sales and product strategies
    4. Perception of price points, price sensitivity, trends


  5. Industry Coverage, Clinical Area Reporting
    1. Surgical equipment and devices
    2. Critical care
    3. Cath lab
    4. Diagnostic imaging
    5. Laboratory diagnostics
    6. Pharmacy automation and technology


  6. Customer Needs, 2017-18
    1. What kinds of partnerships and interactions with manufacturers are working well?
    2. Problems, Turn-offs, Marketing blunders
    3. Pathway for Individual Salespersons
    4. Best-in-class sales and marketing practices


  7. Trends and Changing Needs
    1. Changing patient demographics
    2. Enhanced physician education
    3. Globalized codes of ethics
    4. New decision-makers, centralization & decentralization of purchasing
    5. E-commerce in medical devices and supplies
    6. How instant and global information changes the decision process
    7. Remote training, remote diagnostics and repair

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