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Customer ViewPoint, Emerging Markets

Report Details

  • What does this report provide?

Customer ViewPoint is a series of country-specific reports, which provide, for the first time, insight into the thinking and preferences of buyers and users of medical devices in worldwide emerging markets.

Medical technology industries covered:

  1. surgical instruments and equipment
  2. critical care technology
  3. cath lab technology
  4. diagnostic imaging
  5. laboratory diagnostics
  6. pharmacy automation

Please see the report’s Table of Contents.

These extensive reports are based on in-depth interviews, conducted at hospitals and in the offices of physicians, purchasing managers, nurses, techs, and others, in each country.

These reports go far beyond the descriptions and metrics that are now widely available for worldwide emerging markets.  Instead, InforMedix presents thorough qualitative coverage of the thinking of individuals and organizations which buy and use medical equipment, devices, and supplies.

Each country-specific Customer ViewPoint report answers these questions:

  • What do customers in each country say about their vendors’ performance?
  • What is each company’s Customer Support Index** relative to competitors?
  • What do buyers and end-users want from foreign manufacturers and their sales representatives?
  • What are some examples of sales and marketing practices that are working best in the local market?

Manufacturers and their sales organizations can use the Customer ViewPoint reports to understand more about what their customers want, how well they are doing now, and how they can change sales, marketing, and product development to succeed more rapidly in these growing and changing markets.


  • **What is a Customer Support Index?

InforMedix created the Customer Support Index in 2015, to enable easy comparison between and among vendors serving a group of customers.

The Index uses a formula that takes into account:

  • Customer satisfaction ratings, for each vendor, using a numerical scale
  • Measures of perceived communication and support levels
  • Satisfaction with products delivered, performance, and reliability
  • Cost comparisons, “value for money” assessment
  • Forward-looking expectations: how likely is the vendor to be on the “short list” in the future?

The definition and underlying algorithms creating the Customer Support Index are under continual review, with manufacturers, salespersons, and buyers. At the same time, continuity from year to year is a key goal, allowing manufacturers to monitor their position in the marketplace, and the success of new initiatives they may put in place.


  • What countries are covered?

Customer ViewPoint is a series of individual reports, each addressing the medical devices market in a single country.

Each single-country report is approximately 200 pages long.  These extensive reports are well-organized and hyperlinked, allowing users to jump to sections and topics considered most relevant.

Top priorities for 2016 are individual reports for China, India, and Brazil.  For 2017, reports are planned for Colombia, Mexico, Turkey, and South Africa.


  • How is the information collected for the report?

InforMedix specializes in personal, in-office interviewing of medical professionals.  The Customer ViewPoint reports are each created over a series of months, using face-to-face interviews.

Skilled medical interviewers, deeply familiar with the relevant medical technologies, schedule appointments with individuals who interact every day with vendor reps, distributors, and national accounts and country managers.  Interviews last 45 to 60 minutes, and are conducted in native languages.

Key interview topics include:

  • Who are you buying from? Why?
  • What do you think about the level of support you are receiving from each vendor?
  • Is that business at risk this year or next year?
  • What should your sales representatives do better?
  • What will you need from your suppliers in 2016 and 2017?

Each interview is audio recorded, transcribed, and studied for important take-aways and data.  Reports are prepared based on consolidation of information gathered over the course of many interviews.

Reports represent interviews conducted in large and small hospitals, non-hospital settings, major cities and outlying areas, public and private facilities.

A list of individual sites contacted is available.  Specific facilities, individuals, and their responses are not revealed, to maintain confidentiality and encourage ongoing participation by medical professionals.


  • Who is InforMedix?

InforMedix was formed in 1991 as a market information resource for companies in the medical technology industries.

Our founder, Steven Fuller, worked in marketing, strategy, planning, and market research for Johnson & Johnson. Recognizing that there was a shortage of market information companies with staff that could understand medical procedures, technology and terminology in depth, Mr. Fuller founded InforMedix to serve this need.

InforMedix is a specialist in marketing, strategy, and market research techniques in the technical medical fields.

Project managers are selected for their personal familiarity with the relevant clinical area and its technological trajectory.

Each assignment begins with an in-depth review of current practices, technologies, end-user needs, and payment practices.

Interviewers know the “internal medical language” used by physicians, surgeons, unit managers, technologists, and administrators.  They can speak one-on-one with medical professionals in a conversational way that earns the respect and attention of interview participants.

InforMedix conducts custom market research investigations, as well as publishing multi-client reports focusing on medical technologies in emerging world markets.   (See our Services page for details on custom investigations.)


  • How much does each report cost?

Customer ViewPoint reports are priced to be accessible to the country and area managers overseeing sales in a specific part of the world.

New for 2016, the reports are offered at a pre-publication price until the 2016 reports are available.

Please contact us to order.

Title                                                                                                    Pricing        Pre-Publication
Customer ViewPoint: Purchasers of Medical Devices in China        $5,500            $4,750
Customer ViewPoint: Purchasers of Medical Devices in India         $5,500            $4,750
Customer ViewPoint: Brazil                                                                 (To Be Announced)
Customer ViewPoint: Colombia                                                          (TBA)
Customer ViewPoint: Mexico                                                              (TBA)
Customer ViewPoint: Turkey                                                               (TBA)
Customer ViewPoint: South Africa                                                      (TBA)


  • How often is each report updated?

Customer ViewPoint reports are created with the user’s needs in mind.  Reports are meant to provide meaningful and useful information for a year or more after publication, and are updated according to client requirements and requests.

Updated reports will be prepared when significant changes occur in market conditions, regulatory structures, or governmental/political conditions — whenever medical device manufacturers need new information about the relevant markets.