InforMedix Survey: Emerging Markets Priorities

InforMedix Survey: What are your priorities in emerging healthcare markets?

Here’s a short survey which is available to hundreds of medical products sales and marketing executives worldwide, it sorts out the industry’s high and low priorities among the developing markets of the world.

If you compete the survey (5 minutes max) we will send you a summary of results (no names or companies identified) within 3 weeks.

Take the InforMedix Survey on Emerging Markets Priorities / 2017

“Emerging Markets” is a term used loosely to describe countries that are exhibiting increasing growth in purchasing and usage of a product of interest – and are crossing over from a point where the market is too small or too difficult to work in, to one where conducting business there yields a new and attractive marketplace.

“Emergence” among markets for medical products, supplies and services is normally associated with…

  • growth in affluence of the population,
  • increasing stability of government structures, and
  • policies and attitudes that promote better healthcare than in the past.

Steve Fuller
InforMedix Marketing Research

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